Some Intresting Fact Of Lion 

Intrsting Facts Of Lion

  •  The lion's scientific name is Panthera leo persica.
  • The name of the baby lion is cub, mosquito or lioness.
  • Lions are the second largest cat species (behind tigers) in the world. Lions are very social compared to other cat species, often living in rides that feature females, offspring, and some adult males.
  • The average male lion weighs about 180 kg (400 lb) while the average female lion weighs around 130 kg (290 lb). The heaviest lion on record weighed 375 kg (826 lb).
  • Lions can reach speeds of up to 81 kilometers per hour (50 mph) but only in short bursts due to lack of stamina.
  • The roar of the lion can be heard from 8 kilometers (5.0 mi) away.
  • Most of the wild lions live in the southern and eastern parts of Africa.
  • Lions are the national animals of Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, England, Ethiopia, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Singapore.
  • Any wild lions live only for 10 to 14 years, after which they are killed by other lions due to old age. But if they are imprisoned, they can live for 20 to 25 years because they do not need to fight there.
  • When lions breed with tigers, the resulting hybrids are known as ligers and tigers.
  • When the cross breeding of a lioness was carried out by a male leopard, the new breed which emerged was called "leopon". The head of this species was like a lion, but the body of the bank was like a leopard.

  • Once a strange incident occurred in 2005, a 12-year-old Ethiopian girl was abducted and beaten by 7 people. Then some Shero attacked him and drove him away. Shero did nothing to the girl and they remained the same until Poolis arrived.
  • No species of tiger, lion or cats can taste sweet because they may not have any taste gland for sweet.
  • The age of the Asian Shero can be easily ascertained from their neck hair (mane). If the mane is darker then it is an old member of the group. In the study, it has been found that the Sheros who have darker hair are more attracted to them.
  • Any lion (lion) can see 6 times more clearly than humans, they get the benefit of hunting in the night also.
  • Information about lion - sher ke bare me jankari, 20 interesting facts about lion,
  • When a lion walks on the ground, its eddy does not touch the ground.
  • A lion can leap up to 36 feet.
  • Lions usually live in groups of 10 or 15 animals known as prides.
  • In the jungle, lions rest for about 20 hours a day. Lion (lion) is considered to be the laziest animal in the world, so only 90% of the prey is taken by the lioness. Lionesses often hunt together and have good hunting strategies. They like to surround and kill prey. Often when the lionesses bring the prey, the main lion does not like to distribute them, but sometimes allows the small cubs to take part. But it is not necessary that they get a share every time.
  • A female lion needs 5kg of meat a day. A man needs 7 kg or more in a day.

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