Sunita Williams biography

Born: 219 September 1965, Ohio, USA

Sunita Williams biography

For his Indian-American astronauts

Sunita Williams is an Indian-American astronaut and a US Navy officer. She is the second woman of Indian origin to travel in space through the US space agency NASA. Y Sunita belongs to Ahmedabad city of Gujarat, India. She has established a world record of living in space for 195 days as a female astronaut. The record of the most frequently performed space walk by a female astronaut was once named after him. Also, the record of the longest space walk is also in his name. His father Deepak Pandya is a doctor in America. He was assigned to Expedition 14 and Expedition 15 at the International Space Center. In 2012, she played a flight engineer for Expedition 32 of the International Space Center and in Expedition 33 she appeared as a commander.

early life

Sunita Williams was born on September 19, 1965 in the city of Euclid, Ohio, USA. His father Dr. Deepak Pandya moved to America from India in 1964. His mother Ursuline Bonnie Pandya is of Slovene-American descent. Sunita is the youngest of her three siblings. His brother Jai Thomas Pandya is four years older than him and his sister Diana Anna three years.

Sunita's father Dr Deepak Pandya is from Mehsana district in the Indian state of Gujarat where he was born in Jhulasan while his mother's family is from Slovenia.

Williams completed school in 1983 from Needham High School in Massachutteis (Needham) and graduated in Physical Science from the United States Naval Academy in 1987. After this, he did his Masters in Engineering Management in 1995 from Florida Institute of Technology.

US Army Career

In 1987, Sunita Williams received a commission in the US Army. After a temporary appointment of about 6 months, he was given the post of 'Basic Diving Officer'. In 1989, he was sent to Naval Air Training Command where he was appointed Naval Aviator. Subsequently, he trained in 'Helicopter Combat Support Squadron' and was stationed at many foreign locations. In the Mediterranean, Red Sea and Persian Gulf, he worked during 'Operation Desert Shield' and 'Operation Provided Comfort'. In September 1992, he was sent as an officer-in-charge of H-46 detachment to Miami (Florida). This troop was sent for the ongoing work related to 'Hurricane Andrew'. In January 1993, Sunita wrote ‘U.S. Started practice at Naval Test Pilot School 'and completed the course in the month of December. In December 1995, he was awarded the ‘U.S. Sent to Naval Test Pilot School 'as instructor in' Rotary Wing Department 'and as school safety officer. There he flew helicopters such as the UH-60, OH-6 and OH-58. After this, he was sent on board the USS Saipan as Air Operator and Assistant Air Boss. In 1998, when Sunita was selected for NASA, she was working on the USS Saipan.

NASA Career

Sunita Villiams' Astronaut Candidate training started at Johnson Space Center in August 1998. On 9 December 2006, Sunita was sent by spacecraft 'Discovery' to 'International Space Center' where she was to join Expedition-14 crew. In April 2007, Russian astronauts were replaced, making it an Expedition-15. He did three space walks during Expedition-14 and 15. On 6 April 2007, he participated in the 'Boston Marathon' in space and completed in 4 hours 24 minutes. She became the first person to run a marathon in space. On 22 June 2007, she returned to Earth.

In 2012, Sunita joined Expeditions 32 and 33. He was sent into space from the Baconur Cosmodrome on 15 July 2012. His spacecraft Soyuz became attached to the International Space Center. She was made Commander of Expedition 33 on 17 September 2012. She is the only other woman to do so. In September 2012, she became the first person to do triathletes in space. On November 19, Sunita Villiams returned to Earth.

pertional life

Sunita Williams is married to Michael J. Williams. Michael is a federal police officer. Both of them have driven helicopters in the early stages of their careers. She is also an animal lover and a worshiper of Ganesha. He is also fond of running, swimming, biking, windsurfing, snowboarding and bow hunting.

Awards and honors

Sunita Williams is a naval pilot, helicopter pilot, professional naval, animal lover, marathon runner and astronaut and world record holder. He has received many accolades for achievements in his field.

  • Navy commendation medal
  • Navy and Marine Corp Achievement Medal
  • Humanitarian service medal
  • Medal for merit in space exploration
  • In 2008, the Government of India awarded Padma Bhushan
  • In 2013, Gujarat University conferred an honorary doctorate

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