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Gujarati singer Kajal Maheriya has become one of the most famous singer of Gujarat. In Gujarati Singer, Jignesh Kaviraj's name comes in the mail in Best Sad Songs; similarly Kajal Mehriya's name comes in the female; Kajal Mehriya's Top Songs are all those Sad Songs.  There are other songs too, which is very popular, that's why Kajal Mehriya's name is very famous all over Gujarat.
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About Kajal Maheriya

Kajal Mehriya is more active on her social media, that is why she keeps sharing different pictures and photos for her fans on her social media account.

 Kajal Mehriya's photos keep searching in Google. Google is a very large size engine, in which people finishes different boat and index some wrong information in Google, that's why you have posted this to provide you Kajal  We have shared the photo of kajal Mehriya separately for you here.

Born, Hobby and information

Kajal's real name is Kajal Mehria Kajal Mehria is a famous singer of Gujarat, if she talks about her profession, she is singing in her singing performance stage performance in live event actress.  Right now Kajal Mehria's age is 25 years.  Mehria was born in Nugar, a small village in Mehsana, Gujarat, recently he lives in Gothwa village of Mehsana. Tell us that Gothwa village is the village of Kajal Mehria's maternal uncle. Kajal Mehria is married Talk about Mehria's hobby  So he is very fond of dancing, singing and traveling, he loves to dance and is also very fond of singing and traveling.

All the celebrities attract people to them with their unique things, in the same way our Kajal Mehria is also very unique with its car, Swift is the favorite car of Kajal Mehria, let us tell you that the most famous song of Kajal Mehria is also the name of this car.  Kajal Mehria is paying up to 2 lac. from one of his stage programs

Persnol Info. of Kajal Maheriya

Real Name:-Kajal Maheriya

Nick name:- Kajal

Birth day:- 21, Sept 1992

Professions:- Song writering,Live event Program performer Flock singing and actings and singing.

Age :- 25 year(in 2019)

Birth Place:-Nugar,Mahesana,Gujrat-india


Home town:-Gothva, Vishnagar, Maheshana, Gujarat, India

Marital status:-Married

Hobbies:- Traveling, Dancing and Singing

Car Collection:- Swift 

Salary:-  Around 2 lacs per Programing

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kajal maheriya photos

kajal maheriya photos
kajal maheriya photos

kajal maheriya photos
kajal maheriya photos

kajal maheriya photos
kajal maheriya photos

Kajal maheriya Official Youtube channel

 Kajal Maheria has opened her app YouTube channel to release her songs and to present her live performance programs to her fans, named KM Digital.  Upload the release songs, if you want, you can visit this channel and also subscribe

Subscribe KM DIGITAL
kajal maheriya photos
kajal maheriya photos

Kajal maheriya photos
Kajal maheriya photos

Kajal maheriya photos
Kajal maheriya photos

Kajal maheriya photos,Kajal maheriya HD foto
Kajal maheriya photos

Kajal maheriya photos,Kajal maheriya HD photos
Kajal maheriya photos

Kajal maheriya photos,kajal maheriya
Kajal maheriya HD photos
Kajal maheriya and kinjal dave are friend. kinjal dave with kajal maheriya Foto.

Kajal maheriya photo,Kajal maheriya Fotos
Kajal maheriya Fotos
 kajal maheriya desi Look Foto.
Kajal maheriya photos
Kajal maheriya photos

Kaja Maheriya With Friend and Famely

She is tiktok star also she is also make tiktok short video.

 kyare samjish maro pyar song shooting Hd Foto.
Kajal maheriya HD photos,Kajal maheriya photos
Live singing Parfomance on the stage image

Kajal maheriya images
Kajal maheriya images

Kajal maheriya images
Kajal maheriya images

Kajal maheriya image
Kajal maheriya photos

Pyar karvano koi mane pan shokh nathi song shooting Sed Images from Kajal maheriya.

Jaykara(Ganesh chaturthi special) song shooting foto.

Bewafa tune mujko pagal hi kardiya song shoting Sed Hd photo.

kajal maheriya in rajasthan

in musical instrumen store

kajal maheriya in dubai selfy fotos

kajal maheriya with his brother

Kajal maheriya Brother,Kajal maheriya Brother photo
Kajal maheriya Brother

Why Famous in Gujrat??

Kajal Mehria is the number one Sad Song Singer of Gujarat in all the songs which sings in Ladies in Gujarat. There are many songs of Kajal Mehria which are famous in Hindi and some in Gujarati all the songs of Kajal Mehria in Gujarat and India.  Hee is famous if you talk in Hindi songs of Hindi songs, Bewafa Tune made me mad, this song is very famous, it has more than 100 million views.  Mascara Meharia This song is about the first song and first Hindi song is the mascara Meharia helped make his career mascara Meharia and lots Gujarati Song

Most Famous Gujarati Songs

Kajal Maheria has become a celebrity of Gujarat today because her songs are so popular and popular in Gujarat, by whose voice people recognize her, here we have shown the list of Gujarati Song of Kajal Mehria for you.

Songs Names

●Odi Gadi na Jove Fortune Gadi
●Sacho Hato Prem
●Dhingali Jevi Laadi
●Lohi Na aanshu
●Rota Meline Tame Chalya re Gaya
●Kyare Samjish Maro Pyar
●Prem Thay Chhe Akaj Var
●Smay Male To
●Te Mane Kem Kari Badnam
●Sajan Bewafa Mane Bhuli
●Jaykar (Ganesh chaturthi special)
●Malya Mana Aashirvad

Most Famous Hindi Songs 

Gujarati songs are as famous as the Hindi songs are so famous, so we have prepared a list of Kajal Mehria's Hindi songs, so you can also see it

Songs Names

●Bewafa Tune Mujko Pagal Hi Kar Diya
●Pyar Me Bewafai
●Na Kari Dua Kisi Ki Na Karo Wafa
●Tu Shayar He Me Teri Shayari (K.M)
●Dil Ko Dilbar Bichhad Gayo
●Tune Tod Diya Dil

Kajal Mhaeriya biography Video

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